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Six Sigma

Program Title In English:

Six Sigma Program

Program Title In Arabic:

 برنامج سيجما6

Certificate Title In English:

Certificate of Completion in Six Sigma

Certificate Title (Arabic):

شهادة إكمال في سيجما 6

Programme Introduction (Brief):

Six Sigma is about improving what is important or “critical to the customer and quality (CTQ).” Y is the measurement of the CTQ that needs to be improved to meet customer needs. Six Sigma is about Reducing Variation.” It focuses on Effectiveness. It uses projects to attain dramatic improvements in production and services.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the skills required to use Lean tools and data to decrease expenses, reduce cycle times, increase volume, and improve efficiency in Service, Operations, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing sectors.
  • Understand that Lean Flow and Six Sigma are very complementary methodologies and have a basic knowledge required to determine when and how to utilize the two systems together to achieve faster results.
  • Collect relevant data to define the processes.
  • Understand the methods and calculations required to determine resources, non-valued added, and the “hidden processes” in an operation, as well as the material/resources needed to deploy and support a Lean Flow Stream. Students will also have the ability to apply these techniques.
  • Define the metrics behind the operation in an industry to attain the highest level of improvement possible.
  • Comprehend the fundamentals of change management and how to overcome opposition to command a fruitful implementation.
  • Acquire skills needed to augment output following the placement of a new Value Stream.
  • Recognize the practices needed to effectively relate Lean to transactional and administrative processes.
  • Lean &  Six Sigma foundation
  • Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Combination
  • 7 Basic Quality Tools
  • Six Sigma Foundation
    • Six Sigma: An overview
    • What is Sigma and Six Sigma?
    • Why Six Sigma?
    • Six Sigma Levels
    • Six Sigma Methodology and Management
    • Key Roles for Six Sigma
    • Tools for Six Sigma
  • DMAIC Approach (Define – Measure – Analyze - Improve & Control)
  • Six Sigma projects selection and implementation
  • Minitab software

Executive officers, Directors and Managers who will define and manage Projects. Those individuals who will work on breakthrough projects as the focus of their work activities.

This course does not require any previous prerequisite.

Program Approach & Duration:

The duration of this programme is 30 Hours

Lectures supported by appropriate technology, Video case studies, Games and simulations, Experiments and workshops,  Exercises,  Defined projects,  Delegate presentations,  Homework!

  • The Six Sigma Handbook by Thomas Pyzdek
  • The Six Sigma Way by Peter Pande
  • The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook by Daniel J Zrymiack, Govin Darajan Ramy and Roderick A. Munro
  • Learn Six Sigma for Service by Michael George

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