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Oracle Database

Program Title In English:

Oracle Database Program

Program Title In Arabic:

 برنامج قاعدة بيانات أوراكل

Certificate Title In English:

Certificate of Completion in Oracle Database.

Certificate Title In Arabic:

 شهادة إكمال  في قاعدة بيانات أوراكل

Program Introduction (Brief):

Oracle is designed to handle the ever-increasing data needs of modern organizations. Effective management of Oracle capabilities ensures the integrity and security of data. This course introduces learners to Oracle database architecture and enables them to install Oracle database in windows & Linux platform. In addition, the course will enable them build and maintain databases, configure memory and storage, and manage large amount of data. Further, they will be learning to perform backup and recovery of a database.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Installation and database creation. Managing Oracle Instance.
  • Configure client connectivity. Administering user security
  • Maintenance and Performance Management.
  • Backup and recovery concepts .Move data using Data Pump
  • Establish and in depth understanding of Database Administration using the DBMS
  • SVRMGR, OEM tools, Command Line interface and SQL*Plus.
  • Apply the Relational Database Model to understand the Logical and Physical aspects of the DBMS architecture.
  • Understand the functions of the Oracle Database Server and Oracle Database Client.
  • Create, maintain and manipulate an Oracle Database.
  • Understand and apply the Data Dictionary.
  • Understand and apply database statistics in relation to performance and integrity of the database.
  • Create and understand the application of user rolls, privileges, and the security of the database.
  • Discuss and understand the concepts of Backup and Recovery Procedures
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • OEM Architecture
  • Managing Oracle Data Storage
  • Oracle Data Structures
  • Tablespaces
  • Datafiles
  • Segments – They Partition the data
  • Extents – Smallest unit added to data file
  • Data Blocks – Smallest Unit Read/Written
  • Managing Oracle Data Structures
  • Oracle Database File Architecture
  • Parameter File
  • Control Files
  • Redo Log Files
  • User Accounts
  • Creating and Managing User Accounts
  • Specifying General User Information
  • Specifying System Privileges
  • Tablespace Quotas
  • Editing Existing User Accounts
  • Roles
  • Startup / Shutdown
  • Starting /Shutting Down the Db
  • Creating an Administrative Connection
  • Using OEM to Shut Down and Start a Database Instance
  • Instance Options

Oracle Database Instance States

This course is targeted for all Oracle professionals. Further, this course is well suited for non-Oracle professionals already experienced in the SQL but who wish to become acquainted with the unique and advanced features of Oracle SQL. Among the specific groups for whom this course will be helpful are application developers and database administrators.

IT background and introduction to SQL is a mandatory prerequisite for this course.

Program Approach & Duration:
The duration of the programme is 60 Hours
80%: Interactive approach is used combining lectures, discussions and sharing live examples
20%:  Assignment (Class work)

  • Oracle Database 11g Complete Reference by Kevin Loney
  • Database Systems Design, Implementation and Management by Steven Morris and Carlos Coronel
  • Oracle Database 11g: PL/SQL Programming by Michael Mclaughlin
  • Modern Systems Analysis and Design by Jeffery A. Hoffer, Joey George and Joseph Valacich

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