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Water Governance for Sustainable Development

(Press Release) UNESCO/Cousteau Eco-Technie Chair organized the eco-sustainability monthly forum no (92) on the 25th of March at Future university-Omdurman Hall under the theme “Water Governance for Sustainable Development” on the honor of World Water Day.

The Forum was attended by Dr. Abdurrahman Almahdi the Director of SUDIA (Sudanese Development Initiative) and hind Abdelmonem the country director of Nile Swimmers UK and different representative from different environmental sectors, divers from governmental and non-governmental organization along with youth initiative bodies and environmental concerned personal.

The forum is one of a series of forums along the ESMF (Eco-Sustainability Monthly forum) that started in 2007 after the UCEC was established in Future University in 2004.

The main objective of ESMF is to  increase The Environmental Awareness of the general public, professionals, postgraduate students as well as the decision makers in order to meets the community needs for scientific advice by highlighting issues of interest at the right time.

The first paper was presented by Dr/ Eiman Karar Senior Advisor in United Nation Environment Program entitled (Water Governance for Sustainable Development); the second was presented by Ustaz Abdelgader Salih National Professional Officer (Sciences) at UNESCO

The sessions were concluded by reading the recommendations and the closing statement. The Forum provided to all attendees, representatives of the participating institutions and the friends of the environment an adequate space for participation and deliberation to express their views in this important issue.