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The Scientific and Entertainment Trip for Future University Students

The students of the College of Information Technology / Department of Knowledge Management, batch 2014, at Future University, organized a trip to the State of Malaysia from 27/10 to 12/11/2017, to take a forty-five hours course at the University of Kabngsan in the field of Android applications, the trip was supervised by Dr. Nafia Mohamed Nour and Dr. Salah Hassan Malik

A second scientific trip was held for the students of the Communication Engineering at UKM University in Malaysia from 12/10 to 17/10/2017. The training course was delivered on the following programs

  • Arduino
  • Wi-Fi module integrated with NFC and Bluetooth sensors

A third scientific trip was also organized for students of the Faculty of Architecture for a training course at UM University in Malaysia from 22/10 to 16/11/2017 , in green building.

Objectives of the Trip Program:

– To achieve practical training and add new skills, which led to the benefit of the student to understand the curriculum at the university and the implementation of the graduation project and the addition of a specialization in the near future after graduation)

– The students gain experience of dealing with foreign teachers and get familiar with the environment strange to them.

Students adapt to the pattern of continuous study for 4 hours.

– Build a good relationship with the Malaysian University of Ki-Bangsan, University of UKM and UM University and build cooperation with our Embassy in Malaysia at the level of Cultural Attaché and communicate directly with the Ambassador.

– Establishing a strong relationship between students of the Future University represented by the students of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communications Engineering through this trip.

Last but not least, the affairs of the Deanship of Students at the Future University to complete the procedures of an entertainment trip for students of the Faculty of Arts and Design to Eastern Sudan from25/10 to 6/11/2017.

The students also visisted the silo to identify the establishment and purpose and then the city of Kassala and the visit to Khashm al-Qirba where the students knew the idea of ​​the establishment of the tank and its purpose and then visit the mountains of Taka and Tuteil and the historical monuments of the state of Kassala and arrived the mission to the Red Sea State (Port Sudan) and then arrived in the city Sawakin where the students saw the ancient monuments and the port of Osman Digna. The mission established an exhibition at the World Club, which was praised by all. There was media coverage from the Red Sea Channel. They wished the university to participate in the 11th Tourism and Shopping Festival in the state. Organizer of the festival, on the way back to Khartoum state visit has relics irrigated and pyramids.

The Scientific and Entertainment Trip for Future University Students