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Software Portal Program

The Future University took part in the Software Portal Program organized on Thursday 21/12/2017 at the Telecommunication Tower. The Program is a Portal of the National Software Center for marketing the software products of the universities via coordination with Deanships and Project Departments. The selected projects will be presented to the Information Technology sector for finance and training and capacity building. The following two faculties participated in the program:

Faculty of Computer Science participated with two projects:

  • Baby vaccine mobile application, by Mohamed Abdulhafeez and Rawan Mohamed, 2017
  • Barcode manager, by Omer Khalid Hassan

Faculty of Information Technology participated with one project:

  • Traffic violation application for Traffic Department, by Monzir Mohamed and Minas Mohamed, 2017

The Committee evaluated these projects as valuable and distinguished ones and overridingly needed by the society. The Future University was furtinate enough to participate in the first Season of the Software Portal Program.