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Workshop on Awareness of causes of using Narcotics and Treatment according to International Standards of the UN

Dr. Nafisa M. Nour, dean of the students’  affairs at the Future University attended a workshop on the topic organized by Hayat’s Center for Treatment and  Psychological and Social Rehabilitation. The workshop was  held at Abdelhameed,s Ibrahim Center for Training  and Medical Supplies during 14_16 Nov 2017. Dr. Nafisa praised the workshop as being very useful and helpful in  addressing the  problems of narcotics. She announced that her deanship will help in treating those using narcotics or addictive to them.


Faculty of Information Technology on study visit to Malaysia

Students of IT semester 9 batch 2014 paid study visit to the university of Kebangsaan  in Malaysia during the period 27 October_ 12 November 2017. The visit was under the supervision of Dr. Nafisa M. Nour and Dr. Salah Hassan Malek. The training course was on the applications of Android at Kebangsaan university. The study lasted for 45 training hours .