Students Life – Future University

The university provides a range of support services to the students for their emotional, personal, physical, psychological well-being.

The Future University - Sudan

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs office provides all the solutions and support related to students.

The Future University - Sudan


The Sport office provides the opportunity for students to enjoy and to participate in sports.

The Future University - Sudan

Open Day

Enjoy the Open Day at the University. Bring your parents, family, and friends. about semester schedule.

The Future University - Sudan

Cultural Activity

The Cultural Activity office is constantly providing advice to students to avail of the full range of cultural and fine arts opportunities at the Future University.

The Future University - Sudan

Food Corner

At the Future University campus, there is a wide selection of foods available

The Future University - Sudan

Scientific Trip

Students are taking advantage of the wide links of university.

The Future University - Sudan

International Students

We have students from Africa, Asia and the Middle East on campus. This rich mix of nationalities and cultural backgrounds gives the university a truly international and cosmopolitan feel.

The Future University- Sudan

Academic Orientation

The university provides an academic orientation program for all students new to the University a month prior to the beginning of their first semester.

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